Work as Fiuge’s carrier
when you have time

Fiuge is a crowd-sourced delivery service that operates on a “take as you go, bring when you come” principle. Anyone can become a driver and handle deliveries as they go. Owning a bike or car is a plus, but you can also transport packages on foot. We help you find transports and optimize the best routes for them.

We currently operate in the following locations: Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Kirkkonummi, Turku, Pori, Lappeenranta, Mikkeli, Savonlinna, Kajaani, Tampere and Porvoo. We are constantly expanding our operations to new locations, so stay tuned!

Coming up next is Oulu and Jyväskylä.

Fiuge-delivery service fits your pocket

“I needed a boat rack transfer myself. I searched and asked, but the delivery would have cost as much as a new product. That’s where the idea came from a couple of years ago. I wanted a platform that allows easy, cheap, and ecological logistics. We modernized the idea of  “take as you go, bring when you come back”, this is a way how Fiuge works also in sparsely populated areas.

We aim to be the number one carrier in all of Finland! “
– Fiuge’s CEO, Jukka Tarkiainen

From these ideas, the Fiuge app was born. Fiuge allows companies and individuals to send and receive goods. We want to offer our customers an easy, fast, and more environmentally friendly way to transport packages.

Couriers, on the other hand, can deliver packages when it suits them best. We ensure that packages are distributed to the couriers as efficiently and sensibly as possible.

The application covers the entire operating model: Customers can order and pay for a delivery through the application. The optimization of the delivered packages takes place electronically and the courier can choose the routes that suit him the best through the application. Deliveries are handled directly from the sender to the recipient without separate central storage.

in a nutshell

  • Choose the right freight for you. Switch Netflix for an evening walk and deliver a few shipments to your neighborhood. Or are you leaving by car to another city? Check out our app to see if you could pick up a few packages at the same time. -> At Fiuge you only work when you want to, and you can choose the deliveries that suit you.
  • Pickup and delivery confirmation in the app. You don’t have to fill out forms or process receipts. Confirmation of pickups and deliveries are handled paperless in the Fiuge app.
  • Optimized routes. Fiuge optimizes your route so that you can deliver multiple packages quickly and with minimal effort. You can follow the route on the map, and you will always see an optimized route to the next address. You can also see how much time and distance is left to the last delivery point on your route.
  • Contact the customer at any time. You can contact the customer at any time in the application to arrange delivery, if you need more information, or to communicate in case of problems.
  • Earnings directly to your account. No cash, no risks. Once the package is delivered, your reward will be transferred to your Fiuge account. Salary is paid once a month.
  • Follow up to date. You can conveniently see all your previous deliveries and payments online and keep track of your current delivery.
Did we get you interested?

Fiuge is for you

You can become our courier, whatever your life situation. We do not require any previous training or working experience. You can deliver by bike, scooter, car, van or on foot. We want to offer our customers a first-class customer experience and the most important thing for us is that you are committed to reach the same goal.

For Fiuge you can work in addition to studies and other work, for example during layoffs. Some couriers also work full time. All of our couriers are freelancers, so you can work both with a tax card or as a self-employed person.

Because Fiuge does not have working hours, you can work when it suits you best. In the application, a reward is defined for each cargo and this is what the courier will receive. You always know how much you earn from each delivery.

Apply to work as a courier by filling out the form here. We will contact you and invite you to the next information session, which we hold on a monthly basis. At the information session, we will go through our procedures in more detail, practice using the application, and verify the participants to work as couriers.

While you wait, you can download the Fiuge app to your phone and create a username for yourself and add a profile picture.

A few reasons why we encourage you to join us!

  • Courier job can form to different life situations
  • We do not require previous experience
  • We will train you for your task
  • Modern equipment makes the job easy
  • You will always know how much you’ll earn
  • We take care of the earning announcements to the tax office
  • We will help you along the way with our tools, timing, taxation, and customer service
  • Support of the courier community from our own WhatsApp-groups where you can communicate and give tips to other couriers and provide us with feedback